Opening of School of Equanimity and Even-sightedness is a notable divine blessing and a subject of utmost fortune for every human-being to truthfully establish righteousness in every heart. Seek admission to this school, without any doubt, to become the fortunate one. It is not difficult to assimilate the knowledge of Equanimity and Even-sightedness in our hearts and insight, while reflecting the same through thoughts, speech, and action. This principle is to be acted upon at every step with dexterity and patience to incorporate traits of a gentleman and we must ensure the use of these traits with veracity and skill while treading the world. Considering this activity to be a testament to our devotion, we must stabilize our thoughts in our eternal self in such a way that this act becomes an integral part of our behaviour. Post this, we must be alerted to maintain the purity of our nature, memory, and intellect so that this world should not act as an impediment to this devotion and should not waver our thoughts from the impeccability of this testament.
For this we must be vigilant, at all times, to not let any gossip dwell in our hearts. This practice is to ensure that any gossip should be incapable of fabricating unwanted thoughts in our hearts that may have a deleterious effect on our mind, speech, and action. If not stopped this practice will in turn forces us into an ill habit of impugning and backbiting. Even if we need to listen to people in any given situation, as opposed to the principles of Equanimity and Even-sightedness, we must stay uninfluenced and prevent it from creating an impression on our minds and hearts. This means maintaining the vision of gentlemanliness with absolute devotion and trust, letting our inner gentility be reflected in our conduct, thoughts, and behaviour, and witnessing that divinity in self and entirety whilst doing so. Then we become benign towards ourselves and others by becoming capable of witnessing 'that' actuality in everyone. If we succeed in ensuring the same, then it implies becoming the epitome of wisdom by imbibing the tenets of Equanimity and Even-sightedness through the realization of benign intellect. We must remember that exhibition of this volour with selflessness is our utmost responsibility.


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